% vinstall urchin5 <Enter>

% vinstall urchin5 <Enter>

installing urchin5

-- Welcome to the Urchin 5 Installation

You are about to install Urchin 5 in the directory /usr/local/urchin5,
using the Urchin-supplied installation program. (This vinstall will
also install an Urchin 5 license.)

Note: The vinstall will relax search permissions on the directories
that contain Apache log files. (This is required to give Urchin read
access to those files.)

Because Urchin 5 differs significantly from Urchin 3, the current
vinstall will leave the Urchin 3 installation intact. (You can
continue to use the older version until configuration of Urchin 5 is

Enter 'q' to quit this installation or any other value to continue.
-> <Enter>

Unpacking Urchin installer into temporary directory /tmp/urchin5.
x - creating lock directory
x - extracting install.sh (binary)
x - extracting install.txt (text)
x - extracting license.txt (text)
x - extracting README (text)
x - extracting inspector (binary)
x - extracting gunzip (binary)
x - extracting urchin.tar.gz (binary)
Running the Urchin 5 installer
Using previously installed Urchin 5 license:
Serial number: ZDXS96E4LV5PAUR9U1D9C1DY
Restarting apache ...
Syntax OK
Urchin scheduler started
Running urchin 5 helper
-- Welcome to the Urchin 5 Configuration Helper

This utility will help you create an Urchin 5 profile for each
VirtualHost configured in this server's Apache configuration file

VirtualHosts will be considered if they

1. have a TransferLog or CustomLog directive
2. have a ServerName directive

If you choose to continue, you will be prompted as VirtualHosts
are encountered in the Apache configuration.

If Urchin 5 users are created, urchin5_helper can either generate
random passwords for each user or let you specify a single password to
be assigned to all new users.

Enter 'p' to prompt for a single password, 'q' to quit this utility or
any other value to continue with random passwords.

-> <Enter>

Create profile for yuor.domainname.com? (Y)es (N)o (A)ll? [A]: y
↑ 上記のようなメッセージが出ますので y を入力して<ENTER>を押してください。

Creating profile for sava-can.jp.
Urchin scheduler stopped
Urchin scheduler started

The Urchin 5 Configuration Helper is complete.

Summary of tasks completed:
0 Urchin 5 profile(s) created
0 Urchin 5 task(s) created
0 Urchin 5 log source(s) created
0 Urchin 5 user(s) created

Urchin 5 is now installed in /usr/local/urchin5.
Documentation is available at the Urchin Documentation Center:


You might also want to read the documentation found on this VPS at:


The Admin Server control panel is located at:


Username: admin
Password: urchin (or previous password if this is a reinstall)

SECURITY WARNING: Be sure to change your password!!!

(Note: This installation uses the main apache web server, configured
in /www/conf/httpd.conf.)

For urchin 5 help, type:

man urchin5_helper

vinstall done



The Admin Server control panel is located at:


Username: admin
Password: urchin